1. Angelbank Carriages is a division of Dagge Design, the trading name of Lester Dagge.

2. Angelbank Carriages provides the private instruction service for horse drawn carriage learning and experience carriage driving days.

3. This service provides  suitable equipment, harness, carriage and experienced trained driving ponies.

4. The service includes the basic instruction of carriage driving including describing the harness,  the carriage, the horse and the driver. On completion of that stage customers will be given the opportunity to drive along side the instructor.

5. Given the pulling ability of the ponies, the carriage is subject to reasonable weight, size and distance restrictions:

     i. The combined weight of the passengers cannot exceed 25 stone

     ii. The carriage comfortably accommodates 2 adults side by side, but due to it’s size, is unsuitable for

     large oversized people or people with severe restricted mobility.

6. Angelbank Carriages will make EVERY reasonable effort to provide the carriage hire service on the day, but due to any extraordinary circumstances outside our control, cannot guarantee provision of service. (These circumstances could be such as unexpected illness or lameness of the ponies etc.).

7. The cost of the service includes 3rd party limited liability insurance to £1,000,000

8. Carriage driving is principally an outdoor pursuit and we are therefore restricted to prevailing weather conditions. We will continue our service if it rains.  In the event of severe adverse weather conditions, the use of the ponies and carriage may not be suitable. If required with advance notice,  we can conduct lessons in an indoor area subject to advance booking and availability.

9. We all want the day to run without incident and in order to prevent any unnecessary accidents, we operate a best practice principle. We make every effort to ensure the safety of everyone concerned and take our duty of care very responsibly. Given the nature of working with live animals and on safety grounds, we restrict this service to adults only.

10. Our ponies are experienced in travelling along the road and in traffic.

11. The carriages have no cover or protection against any unexpected inclement weather, we recommend wearing suitable clothing for the weather conditions

12. The use of photographs on this site are largely of our own facilities and copyright. However, ploase note tham some images have been used as indicitave of the services we offer and do not consitute a legally bindinge contract. All rights reserved 2015